Our Story

Irem and Gøran are experienced tango dancers and teachers. They have been teaching for Tango Abrazo in Bergen, Fantango, Trondheim tango club, Tango Polar in Tromsø. They also perform Tango in different events.

They are attending international tango championships and representing Norway. They won first place tango championship in Belguim in 2019, they have been competing in semifinals in world championship in Buenos Aires in 2019. 

Irem is a physiotherapist who works in Fysio Fix Bergen and scenekunstklinikken. Gøran works as a navigator. Body posture, muscle tonus, ergonomic movements and the quality of the movements are an important part of their classes.​​In their classes they put weight on to how to learn the system of tango.

Both Irem and Gøran teaches GYROTONIC® methods and they use elements from GYROTONIC and pilates in their classes and their dances.

They focus 5 element of tango:

Communication of the couple (improvisation skills)



 Repertoire of tango

Navigation on the dancing floor 

Learn Argentine Tango in a friendly and relaxed environment with Irem and Gøran.



The Bergen Tango Akademi offers a comprehensive program of (private and group) classes for absolute beginners ( soon we will also offer classes for intermediate and advanced students)  focusing on the social aspect of the dance, its techniques and dance etiquette.

Group Classes

Every Thursday

Learn the essentials of partner communication and connection that build the foundation for leaning tango. We focus on technique for the embrace, the walk, understanding parallel and crossed system, pivots, ochos, paradas and basic turns.
Learning Argentine Tango is like learning a language or a martial art and it takes time for the dancer to integrate these elements into their body language. We work with classic sequences to develop technique however the ultimate goal for our students is to build their capacity for musicality and improvisation. As students are ready we focus on fluidity in combining and breaking apart sequences for improvisation.

Privates Classes

Booking Only

Private and semi private lessons are a great way to accelerate learning, address difficulties you may be having in your group classes, build fundamental technique, correct bad habits, work on special topics, add embellishments or prepare a choreography.

Show and special arrangements

Let's create together

Authentic Tango performances for stage, film, cultural festivals, concerts, corporate or private events. We can customize a performance to meet your needs.


Bergen Tango Collective

Let's learn together

Bergen Tango Collective designed for intermediate and advance dancers. Classes will start with basic structures and will develop to complex movements and elements with our invited teachers in small groups. 
We will continue to attend international competitions and world cup in Buenos Aires so we need to practice and continue to grow. 
In Bergen Tango Collective we offer you to grow together with us.

GYROTONIC for dancers

Dancer specific traning

Benefits of GYROTONIC for Dancers

  •  Improves spinal and hip mobility

  • Strengthens ankles 

  • Improve quality of your movement

  • Effective injury prevention and rehabilitation

  • Improves breathing patterns

  • Fun and different way to get better at dancing 


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